JS Conf JP

Fred K. Schott

Fred Schott is a JavaScript developer in San Francisco, CA. He is currently working on Pika - a collection of tools and projects to move the JavaScript ecosystem forward. He likes cute dogs. Please share cute dog photos with him if you have any.

Pika: Reimagining the Registry

12/01/2019, 17:15 - 17:45
Room: A
Spoken language: en

What if you could do web development today without a bundler?

This talk explores the good, the bad and the ugly of modern JavaScript development. Learn how Node.js, npm, React, Browserify and Webpack all influenced JavaScript's tooling-heavy evolution over the last decade. Then, look towards the future at how projects like Pika (www.pika.dev) are reimagining web development for 2019 and beyond. Finally, learn how you can start to leverage these modern projects today for faster, smaller, and less complex JavaScript applications.