JS Conf JP

Lena Morita

Lena Morita is a software developer who is passionate about the open web. As a JavaScript Engineer at Automattic, she strives to build applications that are accessible, performant, and inclusive. In the past, she was a designer for nearly a decade in both print and UI/UX. She also serves as a Director for the Tokyo chapter of Women Who Code, a global non-profit supporting women in technology careers.

Awakened by Accessibility

11/30/2019, 14:45 - 15:15
Room: B
Spoken language: ja

How did discovering the principles of accessibility make me realize that I was born to build things for the web?

Whether you have no idea what accessibility is, or you do but never seem to have time for it, let’s first contemplate on what the web actually is, and we’ll likely come out with an irresistible urge to build an accessible web.