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Masato Ohba (@ohbarye) is currently an engineering manager at Quipper and works for StudySapuri, which is one of the most popular education services in Japan. He mainly develops web applications with Ruby on Rails and single page applications written in React.

Besides his work, he recently started organizing an event and a community named Engineering Manager Meetup.

Migration from React Native to PWA

12/01/2019, 13:30 - 14:00
Room: B
Spoken language: ja

Target Audience

  • Developers who are thinking of developing multi platform applications in a cross platform development framework.
  • Developers who have been creating and maintaining Native Apps without the use of Native Language, and are thinking of migrating.
  • No experience of React Native Required.

Talk Overview

In the past few years, there has been cases of companies starting to write their applications in React Native, or companies like AirBnB switching from React Native to Native Language. There are also ongoing debates about "React Native vs PWA" and "React Native vs Swift/Kotlin". However, there aren't many examples of migrating React Native app to PWA.

In this talk, he will be presenting a case study of a project that has migrated from application made with React Native to PWA. Especially, the difference between "can be devleoped" and "can be maintained" and its hardship, as well as realization of good developer experience by building in web platform.

There are some project specific details in this use case, but the basic outline will be the following:

  • Background behind the decision of switching from React Native app to PWA
  • What was done to make the migration
  • What he has learned from developing and maintaining applications in the following pattern:
    • React Native app that has support for both iOS and Android
    • PWA/Hybrid app that has support for iOS/Android/Web