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株式会社FiNC Technologiesにて、Railsを用いたマイクロサービスアーキテクチャによるアプリのサーバサイドとReact.jsを用いた法人向けサービスのフロントエンド開発を担当する。

Performance tuning in EC site with GraphQL

12/01/2019, 14:15 - 14:45
Room: C
Spoken language: ja

Overview: This talk will be about performance tuning based on actual case he experienced during renewal of E-Commerce site. The site is powered by GraphQL + React + SSR, and he will be talking about basic performance tuning as well as actual usecase of GraphQL.

During renewal, we were using GraphQL + React + SSR, but as a result of prioritizing the release, the performance was not up to par, and speed insight showed 20s. As E-Commerce site requires decent amounf of items, and show special sales at time, the approach to improving the performance can be a bit different from static sites such as news websites. With this renewal, we were able to improve performance of a non-performant site to xxx (improvent is ongoing).

We will go in details for:

  • Separating the issue by applying appropriate performance measurement, using tools such as Speed insight and increasee performance of server by using APM tools usch as DataDog.
  • Improvement in Fronet-end side. (reducing bundle size, and utilizing lazy-loading)
  • Manage cache approprately (using HTML cache and separate user belonging contents to design GraphQL queries that can easily be cached.)