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Praveen Yedidi

Praveen is a multi-disciplined engineer with almost a decade of experience spanning various client, server and cloud infrastructure technologies. He is a conference speaker and an active open source contributor. He contributed to projects like Kubernetes, gVisor, Grafana, Terraform, firecracker-containerd. He loves building cool things that help teams build cool things!

Predictive Prefetching for improved performance

11/30/2019, 18:45 - 18:55
Room: A
Spoken language: en

This talk outlines an idea for applying a data-driven approach to optimising loading performance on the web using Guess JS. By building a model of pages a user is likely to visit, given an arbitrary entry-page, a solution could calculate the likelihood a user will visit a given next page or set of pages and prefetch resources for them while the user is still viewing their current page. This has the possibility of improving page-load performance for subsequent page visits as there's a strong chance a page will already be in the user's cache.