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DORA (Dora Makszy)

DORA (Dora Makszy)

Dora is a senior product designer with over 17 years of professional experience in design, development and management. In all roles, her goal is to ensure that the processes run smoothly and that her colleagues receive all possible support.

Flawless flows - the psychology of harmonious teamwork

11/26/2022, 16:00 - 16:30
Track B
Spoken language: en
Slide language: en

Overview: We all want to be better developers. But it's not just about writing fantastic code. We can also improve by bringing the best of our skills to every moment of product development. It means being able to get the information we need to do our job from everyone involved in the process, even when it seems impossible. This presentation will explore how to pull the strings in the background so that in the end we actually DEVELOP the product.