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Dylan Lacey

Dylan Lacey

Dylan has worked for Sauce Labs for nine years, helping customers learn & solving problems. His passion is sharing knowledge and making people's lives easier through technology, which he's been doing for 14 years. He's been involved in Evangelism, QE & Development, as well as Product Design and Marketing across Fintech, Transportation, Data Warehousing and Health. He promises he's not as boring as he sounds; Follow him on Twitter, @dylanlacey, and he'll prove it!

Names, and other lies

11/26/2022, 13:30 - 14:00
Track B
Spoken language: ja
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First names don't exist. Timezones are imaginary. Addresses are a nightmare. Every day our systems gather and process information about our customers: Demographic data. Every day, we screw up. These screwups can result in anything from irritating data-entry quirks to full-on system meltdowns. Let alone how it makes our users feel! How would you like a computer telling you, ""your name makes my processor hurt; choose something 'better'""? I'm going to run you through some of the many ways in which testers, developers and systems designers get demographic data wrong. We'll burn down our assumptions about what's ""Correct"" in names, timezones, addresses and more, one after another, leaving us with a smoking heap of despair. Our test data will be rent asunder. Our schemas will weep. But what kind of Engineer would I be if I only left you there?! We can rebuild: We have the technology! We'll see some practical suggestions for building flexible data schemas and learn how to craft clever tests that force system designers to account for reality. We're Engineers. We apply Science and Math to the improvement of Humanity. So let's make sure we include humanity when we do it. Enough with the lies!