Yulia Startsev

Yulia Startsevユリア スタルツエフ(she)

Yulia Startsev is the JavaScript language lead for the SpiderMonkey compiler at Mozilla. She served as a chair and is currently a facilitator for Ecma's TC39, the committee responsible the for design and development of the JavaScript language. She initiated and runs the TC39 research group, which applies HCI research techniques to JavaScript language features. She considers education and diversity fundamental to language design, and hopes that this talk will help people become part of the the discussion which defines the tools they use everyday.

Track A
10:45-11:15(30 min)

There and Back Again: A Proposal's Tale

  • Spoken Language: English
  • Slides Language: English/Japanese

How does an idea became part of the JavaScript language? Let’s follow a JavaScript feature from its initial specification to a complete implementation in the SpiderMonkey engine. You will learn about the standardization process, how to read the specification, and how to implement the feature yourself.